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Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Introduction of Driver & Vehicle licensing Agency(DVLA)(www.dvla.gov.uk)
DVLA is an executive agency of the Department for Transport (DfT). The main headquarters is located in Swansea, with a network of 39 local offices across the country. At the end of March 2013, they have around 6,193 staff.
DVLA maintains registers of drivers and vehicles in Great Britain. This information helps people improve road safety, reduce vehicle related crime, support environmental initiatives and limit vehicle tax evasion.
maintaining records of licensed drivers and registered vehicles
issuing licenses to drivers and the maintenance of the vehicle driving entitlements
maintaining records of driver endorsements, disqualifications and medical conditions
issuing registration certificates to vehicle keepers
collecting and enforcing vehicle excise duty (also known as road tax and the road fund license)
helping the police and intelligence authorities deal with vehicle related crime
registering and issuing tachograph cards
issuing vehicle registration marks
selling attractive vehicle registration marks (also known as personalized registrations)
selling anonymized data
limiting vehicle tax evasion to no more than 1%
From 2012 to 2013, the priorities of DVLA:
to reduce personal and economic loss from road accidents through improved road safety
to reduce vehicle related crime
to reduce harm to the environment caused by vehicles
The ‘Best Overall Contact Centre of the Year’ awarded by the Contact Centre Association (CCA)2012
Customer Service Excellence accreditation,2012
Business Plan 2013-2014
integrated enquiry platform: to handle 10 million enquiries a year from insurers and others;
vehicles online: to manage 17 million sale or disposal transactions every year;
personalised vehicle registrations: around 1 million transactions a year
DVLA Chief Executive and Accounting Officer:Simon Tse
Monday, October 14, 2013
Introduction of Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (www.dvla.gov.uk)

Authority Scope of www.dvla.gov.uk
Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (www.dvla.gov.uk) is committed to maintaining the registers of drivers and vehicles in UK and the registration information can helps improve the road safety, reduce the vehicle related crime and support the environmental initiatives as well as limit the vehicle tax evasion. In order to support the business in UK and make the people and goods able to travel well around the country, DVLA cooperates with the agencies and partners to support the transportation network. Moreover, DVLA also invests in the transportation infrastructure in order to keep UK in an ongoing status.

Basic policies and operation principle
www.dvla.gov.uk regards “making roads safer”, “increasing the use of low-carbon technologies” “developing a new high speed rail network”, “improving local transport” etc. as its basic policies and operation principle. All the policies are established to ensure the road safety and other relevant operations of DVLA. For example, DVLA can use its own approach to improve the skills and attitudes of drivers and riders and provide better safety education for the relevant persons, and thus the UK Government can reduce the cost of emergency services, health and welfare services, insurance, traffic congestion, etc.

Structure and departments
www.dvla.gov.uk relates to 24 ministerial departments and 22 non ministerial departments as well as 330 Agencies & other public bodies and 3 devolved administrations.
In detail, the 24 ministerial departments are as follows: 1. Attorney General's Office; 2. Cabinet Office; 3. Department for Business, Innovation & Skills; 4. Department for Communities and Local Government; 5. Department for Culture, Media & Sport; 6. Department for Education; 7. Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs; 8. Department for International Development; 9. Department for Transport; 10. Department for Work & Pensions; 11. Department of Energy & Climate Change; 12. Department of Health; 13. Foreign & Commonwealth Office; 14. HM Treasury; 15. Home Office; 16. Ministry of Defence; 17. Ministry of Justice; 18. Northern Ireland Office; 19. Office of the Advocate General for Scotland; 20. Office of the Leader of the House of Commons; 21. Office of the Leader of the House of Lords; 22. Scotland Office; 23. UK Export Finance; 24. Wales Office

The 22 non ministerial departments are as follows: 1. The Charity Commission for England and Wales; 2. Competition and Markets Authority; 3. The Crown Estate; 4. Crown Prosecution Service; 5. Food Standards Agency; 6. Forestry Commission; 7. Government Actuary's Department; 8. HM Revenue & Customs; 9. NS&I; 10. National Crime Agency; 11. Office of Fair Trading; 12. Office of Rail Regulation; 13. Ofgem; 14. Ofqual; 15. Ofsted; 16. Royal Mint; 17. Serious Fraud Office; 18. Supreme Court of the United Kingdom; 19. Treasury Solicitor’s Department; 20. UK Statistics Authority; 21. UK Trade & Investment; 22. The Water Services Regulation Authority;
Friday, June 28, 2013

When it comes to dvla.gov.uk, we can know that it represents a company or a web service of the United Kingdom. So it is unquestionable to find there is only the United Kingdom on the map of the distribution of the national and regional web search volume of dvla.gov.uk. It may be the color of other parts of the world is so light that we can not see them clearly.

We find the web search volume of the United Kingdom is 100% on the rank list. Except the UK, there is no any other country on the list. Actually dvla.gov.uk is a governmental department in the UK. As a result it mainly serves for this country. We can also find the web search volume in England is a little larger than that of Scotland. Seeing from this we know that the search crowd concentrates on England in the UK.

We all know that England has a intensive population in the UK and the facility in England is always better than any other part of the UK. The search volume gathers in the southeastern part of the UK appearing on the map of city rank.

The web search volume of Brentford is 100% taking the leading position on the list. The next are Manchester and London. They are all the typical big cities of the UK. The transportation amount of the cities is very large. And dvla.gov.uk is a agency that provides you the service related to your vehicle like renewing your driving license, keeping your vehicle safe, and so on. So the web search volume is very large in the cities.

     Dvla.gov.uk's web search volume in cities and regions across the world:The United Kingdom enjoys the highest search volume,and there is no other country.It's no doubt that dvla.gov.uk is most popular in he United Kingdom,because it's a website of the United Kingdom.The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is the organization of the UK government responsible for maintaining a database of drivers and a database of vehicles in Great Britain.

     Seeing from the rangkings in cities,they are Brentford,Manchester and London respectively.Notice that? They are all cities of the United Kingdom.And it's undeniable that these cities all have a large population and developed economy.

     The reason why dvla.gov.uk is most popular in Brentford is because there are many taxis in this city.If you have changed your name or address,it is essential to inform DVLA(Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency)immediately;failure to do so is a criminal offence and could result in a 1,000 pounds fine.Also,Manchester and London are two big cities of the Britain,they have busy transportation,the dvla.gov.uk is convenient for changing your license details and something else.